Monday, April 28, 2008

Pinks, Blues, Greens and Neutrals are Popular

Lots of pretty backgrounds to choose from:

Swirls and textures seem to make a better wallpaper background because they repeat well and blend in nicely (seams are less noticeable). Some florals end up looking like busy tiles, instead of wallpaper. These all work well:

They can be changed into any colour you desire with photoshop. . . . I'm still working on learning that :-)


Charmingdesigns said...

oh my goodness, you are so helpful. Thank you sooo much!! Should the "paper" be a certain size? Is it easy to change the size if need be? Laurie

Karen said...

Hi Laurie, So sorry for the slow reply (this is my sleepy blog LOL).

Most of the backgrounds I have tried have worked and I have not altered the size at all. I just test them out and see how they look. If I don't like it I try a different paper. I fiddled with my colors until I got a combination I liked, on my ciderantiques sites.

I will also update this blog to explain how to do the second step . . . changing the color of the trim to match the color of your new wallpaper. For example, I have both green wallpaper and green trim on my ciderantiques blog. I will post that step as well :)

~ Karen.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

As if you are not busy enough you have gone and made another blog!
It is so pretty and I love those soft
floral colours.

You are so helpful - thank you.


Abbie said...

where do I get the pick wallpaper you have right now on this site?

Kristen said...

thank you so much for your ideas and help! i like some of your backgrounds, but i cannot save them as jpeg files. do i need to have photoshop to save them as jpegs?